Spectrographic Analysis

(SANAS accredited)

Our laboratory has a modern Optical Emission Spectrograph capable of analysing five bases.

  • \Ferrous metals including low alloys, high alloys and cast irons.
  • \Copper Based Alloys
  • \Aluminium Based Alloys
  • \Zinc Based Alloys
  • \Nickel alloys

The laboratory has a wide range of Internationally Certified Standards, across all the bases which are used as a cross reference to all analysis.  The spectrograph is capable of analysing moderately sixed samples, as well as smaller samples with a cross section of 8mm. The laboratory is equipped to spectrographically analyse wire samples down to a diameter of 2.0mm.  This method of analysis allows for very little damage to a component, which is beneficial when a machined component needs to be analysed and cannot be destroyed or damaged.