Spectrographic Analysis

Spectrographic Analysis (SANAS accredited)

Our laboratory has a modern Optical Emission Spectrograph capable of analysing five bases.

1) Ferrous metals including low alloys, high alloys and cast irons.

2) Copper Based Alloys

3) Aluminium Based Alloys

4) Zinc Based Alloys

5) Nickel alloys

The laboratory has a wide range of Internationally Certified Standards, across all the bases which are used as a cross reference to all analysis.  The spectrograph is capable of analysing moderately sixed samples, as well as smaller samples with a cross section of 8mm. The laboratory is equipped to spectrographically analyse wire samples down to a diameter of 2.0mm.  This method of analysis allows for very little damage to a component, which is beneficial when a machined component needs to be analysed and cannot be destroyed or damaged.